Things I've made

From time to time folks ask me to make things for them. Sometimes I make things for myself and for the sake of making a thing.

Things I do

I don't do everything, but I do a lot of things.

  • c

    Logo Design

    I love telling stories. Your logo is your story in a single image.

  • U

    Graphic Design

    I'll work closely with you to assess your visual communications needs and help you tell your story across all of your media.

  • m

    Motion Graphics & Video

    Sometimes a still image isn't enough. Video is the most effective way to share your story with your customers.

Things about me

I've been making things for a long time. Nearly 20 years in fact. I'm a story teller and a problem solver. I love helping people find ways effectively to share their story with the world around them.

I'm a Missouri farmboy who got transplanted to the desert. There was something magical about Phoenix the first time I visited. The sky is a different shade of blue here compared to the midwest. The love for art in the city drew me in and I knew this is where I wanted to plant my roots. I live here now with my amazing wife and our two awesome kids.

I am currently available for new projects or to chat about design and video. I'd love to hear from you some time. Just say hello!